Creative Vision & Cognitive Design

Established in 2013, AAATrade stands as the ultimate investment hub, providing personalized and comprehensive investment services. This case study delves into the transformative journey of enhancing the trading platform to meet the diverse needs of retail and institutional investors.​​​​​​​
In my capacity as the Head of Design, I led a dynamic team, collaborating closely with product owners, stakeholders, developers, and key decision-makers. My main responsibility was not only spearheading the transformation but also leading a dynamic design team in crafting high-quality online assets. Through the implementation of design systems and optimization of creative processes, we reshaped the platform's visual landscape. A significant focus lay in creating and improving the UX/UI, ensuring that user interactions were intuitive, seamless, and visually engaging. My role extended to effective project management, ensuring alignment with targets, purposes, and aesthetic elements. Strategic design plans with projected timelines were meticulously crafted to guide our journey. Keeping abreast of the latest design technologies and techniques, I ensured our approach remained innovative and forward-looking. 
Collaborating closely with the marketing team, I guaranteed that our designs seamlessly adhered to brand standards and guidelines, reinforcing AAATrade's visual identity and market presence.
Results and Impact:
Collaboration and Efficiency:
The transition to Figma and the adoption of the Kanban framework significantly improved collaboration. Task management became more efficient through Jira, fostering a cohesive workflow.
Enhanced User Experience:
The usability heuristics evaluation bore fruit, leading to a notable improvement in the overall user experience. The redesigned onboarding flow received positive feedback for its intuitiveness.
Business Impact:
Teams efforts aligned with AAATrade's mission and goals.

The project contributed to improved user satisfaction, a vital metric in the competitive landscape. As we move forward, the impact of these improvements on business growth is tangible.
This transformative journey marked key achievements in design system implementation, usability, and collaboration. AAATrader Platform project stands as a testament to collaborative efforts between design and development teams. The impact on the platform's design is evident, contributing to strengthen AAATrade's position in an industry. The journey, marked by challenges and innovations, underscores the continuous pursuit of excellence in the ever-evolving landscape of UX/UI design.
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